Is this the new Mock Mini, erm, I mean Mac Mini…

Macworld San Francisco will soon be taking place and as ever the rumour-mill is hot with talk of a revamped Mac Mini, along with the talk there are the usual sketchy photos of the supposed new products!

MacObserver linked to a post on which shows one of these sketchy product shots, however, I took one look at it and thought "That’s been Photoshopped together"! It got me thinking that I should make my own mockup of a Mac Mini just to show how easy it is, and also how obvious the Macenstein shot looks to me.

Presenting the new Mock Mac Mini!

The world's fakest desktop computer

This is my version of the Mac Mini that Macenstein have published, the main thing I think looks odd is the thin gap at the top of the casing, it pretty clearly looks like the closed lid of the current MacBook / MacBook Pro. And that’s exactly what was used to make this mockup, just two images, the first taken from the current MacBook webpage and the second from a picture of the current Mac Mini:

Using Photoshop CS4 I simply duplicated the first image of the MacBook, flipped it horizontally, cloned out unwanted elements and then used Content Aware Scaling to resize the case and the background. I then copied and pasted the drive bay slot from the Mac Mini picture and blended that in.

Voila, one dubious unreleased Mac Mini!

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