Handheld Heroes

The “Handheld Heroes” are 12 handheld devices that I consider to be icons of their time, some of them I have owned myself but some are devices I think are symbolic of a particular point of technological change in the last 30 – 40 years*.

To celebrate these “Handheld Heroes” I’ve made a series of 12 illustrations that are available now as an iMessage sticker pack for iPhone and iPad. I have also previously released them as a range of t-shirts through my “Life-Sized Clothing” store, however currently I have only the pencil available as a standalone design as well as an updated ‘special edition’ Gameboy shirt and also a shirt featuring all 12 in a row:

Introducing the Handheld Heroes…

Who are these Handheld Heroes? Some of them are instantly recognisable but there might be one or two you’ve never heard of :) Here’s a rundown of each one including its creator / device name and year of release:

Buy the T-Shirt(s)!

If you’d like to buy a T-shirt featuring all of the Heroes then go visit the Life-Sized Clothing store at lifesizedclothing.com.

iMessage Sticker pack for iPhone and iPad

There is a FREE iMessage sticker pack for iOS featuring all 12 of the Heroes.

Download on the App Store

iMessage Sticker Support / Feedback

If you require support or have some feedback about the iMessage sticker app then email rickcurran+handheldheroes@gmail.com.

*Well, except for the pencil of course, it is much older than 30-40 years!

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