RC Post Rating WordPress plugin

“RC Post Rating” is a WordPress plugin that adds up / downvoting for posts on your website. It provides a shortcode which can be added to pages, posts or other custom post types which allows users to submit positive or negative ratings for that specific content.

It is available to install or download from the WordPress plugin repository, just click “Add New” on the plugins page of your WordPress site admin or search for “RC Post Rating” to install and activate it. You can view more details about it, download the source code etc (licenced under GPL V2) from the plugin page in the WordPress plugin directory here:

The “RC Post Rating” plugin code is open source and licensed under the GPL V2. It is available from my Github repository: https://github.com/rickcurran/rc-post-rating

If you’ve found this open source plugin useful then please consider donating to help support development of the RC Post Rating plugin and other plugins.