RC Geo Access WordPress plugin

RC Geo Access is a WordPress plugin that restricts access to the login page of your WordPress Admin based on the location of the user trying to access it. Restricting access in this way can be a useful way of reducing unwanted login attempts.

It uses an API from IPStack.com to establish the location of users accessing your login page. The API has a free plan with up to 5000 requests per month and with additional paid plans for sites that have bigger requirements. You can view more details about it, download the source code etc (licenced under GPL V2) from the plugin page in the WordPress plugin repository here:

The RC Geo Access plugin code is open source and licensed under the GPL V2. It is available from my Github repository: https://github.com/rickcurran/rc-geo-access

If you’ve found this open source plugin useful then please consider donating to help support development of the RC Site Map plugin and other plugins.

You can also support this plugin by using this affiliate link if signing up for a paid plan at IPstack.com.