Leuchars Airshow 2006

On Saturday we had a day out at the Leuchars Airshow, it’s something I’ve kind of always wanted to go to as it sounded cool.

So with camera in hand (along with my 300mm lense!) I went there with Annie and Natalie along with Colin and Jackie. Oh, and about 44,995 other people who were there too.

It was a pretty awesome day and I shot about 188 pictures which I have simply uploaded as a basic slideshow without any real editing done to them, so they’re available to view warts and all as it were.

Full photos available here: Leuchars Airshow 06 Photo Gallery…

But here’s a few sample thumbnail images to give a little flavour of what could be seen there.

Hawk trainerWho needs to buy a programme? ;)
Lots of planesThe Red Arrow's parked up
A B52 monsterRed Arrows cross over
Red Arrows in formationThe Typhoon Eurofighter landing

Leuchars Airshow 06 Photo Gallery…


3 Replies to “Leuchars Airshow 2006

  1. Rick says:

    Cheers, I was pretty pleased with the pictures too!

    @Big Bro:
    Sorry, if I'd known we were going to go I would have got in touch, we went kind of last minute!

  2. matt smith says:

    dude love the pics there amazing, and congrats on not getting found on halo2

  3. Big Bro says:

    You're just rubbing salt in the wounds aren't you…

    I remembered about this when I found the leaflet in my pocket on, yes you guessed, Saturday morning! :(

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