Goodbye N95, Hello iPhone

It’s been 18 months since I got my Nokia N95 and I’ve enjoyed using it, the combination of a phone with a good quality still camera and also pretty good video camera along with wifi access has been great to use.

Since getting an iPod touch last christmas it was pretty much inevitable that once my phone contract was up that I would switch to an iPhone. Although the N95’s killer app is a great camera, the array of applications for the Nokia N95 pales in comparison to what is available for the iPhone and iPod touch.

In contrast to the N95 the iPhone’s biggest weakness is its camera, much lower resolution stills and no video support at all. However, overall the iPhone is a much better device so I will live with the camera as it is and will probably keep a pay as you go sim in my N95 and still make use of it for filming and photos. The iPhone’s killer app is the fact that there are many killer apps available for it due to the success of Apple’s App Store.

When I got the N95 back in June 2007 I called it my iPhone substitute, it’s served me well but I’m enjoying using my iPhone a lot. It’s sure to be the subject of a few blog posts in the months to come.


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  1. RickH – good point. I used to use my N82 as a wireless hotspot with my laptop. I can't do that with the iPhone.

    Having said that – the things I used to do on the go with my laptop were just simple things like email/basic web stuff, so I now use the iPhone to do those things.

    I actually got an ipod touch in Nov 07, so was able to see how the iphone would work. Using the ipod touch was a good intro to what the phone would be like.

  2. @justin Yep, I'm hoping they'll bring out a new version with feature a bit like the Flip cameras. HD would be good but SD would be fine, certainly better than no video!

    @rickhurst Yeah, tethering would be great, I'm enjoying the freedom of getting online anywhere though, checking location-aware stuff like BrightKite whilst walking around is awesome! Also: Touchgrind :)

  3. The deal breaker for me is the fact you can't use the iPhone as a modem (at least without jailbreaking/ using a banned app). As soon as you can (either legitimately, or just really easily), i'm all over it!

  4. I've had exactly the same experience moving from the Nokia N82 (a slightly smaller version of the N95) to the iPhone.

    I lasted 8 months with the N82 then decided to go to the iPhone.

    I miss the 5MP camera – the iPhone really has no camera in my opinion, but apart from that its all good.

    As Rick says, its the apps that make the difference. Once 3G, GPS, MobileMe and the App Store were added to the iPhone, it really became the killer mobile phone. Before that though, I think the Nokia's were still in front. Now I'm just hoping that Apple puts a real camera in the iPhone one day.

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