Singularity Conference gets ‘head’ed off at the pass

If you’re a web developer / designer or into the web in anyway then you’re going to want to check out the <head> web conference that takes place October 24-26, 2008. <head> is a bit different than your regular conference, The conference website describes it like so:

The premise for <head> is simple: instead of making you come to the web conference, let’s make the web conference come to you.

<head> is a web conference with all of the traditional elements. We have live speakers, presentations, question and answer sections, and networking opportunities. The twist is that the conference takes place everywhere – all over the world – and at real-world gatherings called local conference hubs.

And we use the Internet to tie it all together.

Now, you might be thinking “That sounds cool, but wasn’t someone already running a conference like that?”. If you were thinking that then don’t worry, you’re not going daft! <head> is actually the new name for the conference. The conference was formerly known as Singularity but due to an objection from a company that holds a trademark for the word Singularity relating to conferences the lead organiser, Aral Balkan, had no choice but to change the name!

Anyway, go over and check out the website to find out more about the conference. There’s an early bird ticket price of just $99 if you book soon!

Update 22 Aug 2017: The above is an old post and the conference is past now.

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