Viruses, OSX and chiropracters…

Ok, quick update, got my Nokia N80, it’s pretty cool. Although my old number hasn’t ported across to it yet so I’m not using it day to day yet. Very cool surfing with Wi-fi!

Mac OS X: Viruses and Security

There’s a really interesting article on the Symantec website, entitled ‘Mac OS X: Viruses and Security’, it’s a good read to clarify the true situation regarding Mac OSX and viruses.

Check out the article ‘Mac OS X: Viruses and Security’ via this link.


For the last week and a half I’ve been having loads of hassle with my back, not so much pain in my back as the pain is actually in my arm but the source of the problem is in my upper back. I’ve been to the chiropracter once this week already but I’m going back again today so hopefully that will bring relief! Ibuprofen has made no real difference so I’ve not been taking anything for the pain.

I post this for your sympathy! ;)


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  1. Yeah Rick, it certainly did. See you Sunday or otherwise if you're not at the Gate then.

  2. Hi Chris,
    I just added you as a friend in MySpace, hopefully it will work!



  3. Hey Rick

    Tried to add you on MySpace but the surname/email thing wouldn't let me use your surname…bizarre.

    Anyway, good chatting to you last night. All the best,


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