Paying homage

So, Annie’s in Toronto. I told her she had to go visit some place special for me.

Annie outside the Toronto Yorkdale Apple Store

Can you spot her?

She phoned me up from her sister’s cell phone to tell me she was there! She wins the title “iWife 06”!!!


2 Replies to “Paying homage

  1. Rick

    It's busy eh? Looks like opening night at the degree show…

    "Excuse me….oh, excuse me sir….I'd like to buy a Mac…oh, excuse me!!….forget it – I'm off to buy a DELL!"

    It's going to happen!!!


  2. Ahhh but if she was truly devoted she needs to go to the new Apple store downtown in the Eaton Centre. Actually it's only slightly larger than the one above (in Yorkdale)… but oh it's nice.

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