Cheesyvision Song Contest

Well, it’s that time of year again when people across the UK (and in europe I guess) say “Oh no, not flippin Eurovision!”.

As bad and cheesy as it is *every* year, it certainly makes for hilarious viewing due to the painfully cheesy bands / singers / music!

I saw a definite theme / formula whilst watching it, you need:

  • One Female singer (preferably attractive, with long hair)
  • At least 3 backing dancers / singers
  • One wind machine
  • One unwanted Shakira song, merged with local dance format (such as cossack dancing)

or if you can’t find anything to fit that format just get a bunch of extras from an episode of Buffy and enter them instead!

As I write this Lordi from Finland look set to win, when asked how the band felt about being in Eurovision they said:

?We are meat eaters in a vegetarian café.?


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  1. Slipknot/Lord of the Rings fancy dress party – (entrants from Finland).



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