Lost Series 2 – Why so long for the DVDs?

I just checked on Amazon.com and also on Play.com and it looks like it’s going to be a while before Lost Series 2 will be available on DVD.

Amazon.co.uk has Series 2 Part 1 showing but it’s not available until July 17th apparently.

Image of Lost Series 2 Pt 1 on Amazon.co.uk

I kind of understand that because the series has only had about 4 episodes so far over here. This date is also backed up by Play.com so it’s probably right.

Image of Lost Series 2 on Play.com

In the US the series finale is this week so then why does Amazon.com show that the whole series isn’t available until October 3rd??!!!!

Image of Lost Series 2 on Amazon.com

Crazy, last series it was available right away in the US and Canada!

Oh well, looks like I’ll have to put up with watching them on TV. if I had a US based credit card I could buy them from iTunes, but alas I can’t by any shows on iTunes at the moment, I wonder when they will become available over in the UK?