Not 118-118 but 1-18-08…

There’s an interesting trailer for a new movie by JJ Abrams of Lost fame, it’s currently only titled as “1-18-08” but apparently is codenamed “Cloverfield”.

There’s a trailer for it on the Apple Quicktime Trailers site but I did manage to find a version on YouTube:

It looks very intriguing, hard to say exactly what the films about, although it appears to be some kind of monster. In true “Lost” tradition there are some clue sites around on the web:


The Science of Sleep / Lost again

I just noticed that there’s a new film coming out by Michel Gondry – the guy who made Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (a favourite movie in our household!), it’s called ‘The Science of Sleep‘.

Poster image for The Science of Sleep movieThe Synopsis:

“The Science of Sleep,” a playful romantic fantasy set inside the topsy-turvy brain of Stephane Miroux (Gael Garcia Bernal) an eccentric young man whose dreams constantly invade his waking life.

While slumbering, he is the charismatic host of “Stephane TV,” expounding on “The Science of Sleep” in front of cardboard cameras. In “real life,” he has a boring job at a Parisian calendar publisher and pines for Stephanie (Charlotte Gainsbourg), the girl in the apartment across the hall. While Stephanie is initially charmed by Stephane, she is confused by his childishness and shaky connection to reality. Stephanes co-worker, Guy (Alain Chabat) a vulgar but practical man, offers advice on the opposite sex, but Stephane is too far in the clouds to listen. Unable to find the secret to Stephanies heart while awake, Stephane searches for the answer in his dreams.

Written and directed by Michel Gondry, the boundlessly inventive creator of award-winning films (“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”), music videos and commercials. “The Science of Sleep” is a whimsical trip into a cut-and-paste wonderland fashioned from cardboard tubes, cellophane, and imagination.

Other news:

Thanks to the wonders of having Canadian relatives Annie and I just got Lost Series 2 in the mail, and yes, we have watched, no, we won’t tell you what happened! ;)


Lost Series 2 – Why so long for the DVDs?

I just checked on and also on and it looks like it’s going to be a while before Lost Series 2 will be available on DVD. has Series 2 Part 1 showing but it’s not available until July 17th apparently.

Image of Lost Series 2 Pt 1 on

I kind of understand that because the series has only had about 4 episodes so far over here. This date is also backed up by so it’s probably right.

Image of Lost Series 2 on

In the US the series finale is this week so then why does show that the whole series isn’t available until October 3rd??!!!!

Image of Lost Series 2 on

Crazy, last series it was available right away in the US and Canada!

Oh well, looks like I’ll have to put up with watching them on TV. if I had a US based credit card I could buy them from iTunes, but alas I can’t by any shows on iTunes at the moment, I wonder when they will become available over in the UK?