Why the next iPhone won’t be called ‘iPhone 5’…

I’ve been getting more and more bugged by people referring to the next iPhone as being the "iPhone 5", so I thought I’d make this simple graphic to explain why numerically it makes no sense for the next iPhone to be referred to as number 5!

You can download a 300dpi A4 sized version from this link if you want to print your own out and annoy inform any of your co-workers / friends / family / bloggers / podcasters when they start saying "what will the iPhone 5 be like?"…

10 Replies to “Why the next iPhone won’t be called ‘iPhone 5’…

  1. Rick Curran says:

    @Aaron: Every night ;)

  2. Aaron says:

    Did you cry yourself to sleep??

  3. Jim says:

    So Apple can not count it seems?

  4. Rick Curran says:

    @Jim: I will cry myself to sleep ;)

  5. Jim says:

    What would you say if apple did call it the iphone 5?

  6. Rick Curran says:

    @Jim: Glad to hear someone agrees with me! :)

  7. Jim says:

    Im so glad someone else agrees with me on this.

  8. Jon Gill says:

    I actually think you've prove the opposite..!

  9. Rick Curran says:

    @Pavel: Yep, that seems like the right thing to do ;)

  10. pavel m. says:

    So the new iPhone should simply be referred to as "the new iPhone" :-)

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