Getting Naked again – CSS Naked Day 2008

Dustin Diaz’ “CSS Naked Day 2008” is happening again on 9th April. So if you happen to be on this site on that day you may well get a bit of a different look than normal. Don’t panic, it’s just that my site is being displayed without the CSS files linked to it, baring it all in its naked HTML guts!

You will quite possibly find many other sites showing the same way, so far over 175 sites have signed up to take part by stripping out their CSS files on that day. If you’re wondering what this is all in aid of then this paragraph from Dustin’s site sums it up:

CSS Naked Day is a world-wide event that lasts for one international day (48 hours) where webmasters around the globe strip CSS from their websites to promote Web Standards with layered semantic markup, and a clear separation between content, and presentation to enhance accessbility.

Check out the CSS Naked Day site over at


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