Anniversary, Frenzy Festival and Get a Mac

Ok, Wedding Anniversary gifts, the theme was definitely about ‘pods’, Annie got me the book ‘JPod’ by Douglas Coupland and I got Annie an iPod Nano:

JPod and iPod picture


The Frenzy Festival was excellent again this year. Sporran Again opened the event again, David Crowder band were awesome. I also got asked if I was one of the members of ‘Delirious?’ too! Last year some people wanted their photo taken with me, which I did obligingly!!!

Frenzy is an excellent event, check it out next year if you missed it this time round.

Get a Mac

There’s some more Get a Mac ads on Apple’s site now, check them out at, they’re quite funny.


2 Replies to “Anniversary, Frenzy Festival and Get a Mac

  1. Hey Alyn, I haven't read JPod yet, just little bits, but it's subtitle is, "Microserfs for the age of Google"!

  2. Oooh – JPod (didn't even know there was one!) is it good? Have you read it yet? Soooo love Douglas Coupland's books. And David Crowder Band. They are so good too. AJ and I are jealous.

    Oh and Happy Anniversary too!

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