iPhone view of 2021

I made a post last year “11 years of iPhone images” which included all of the short videos I’ve made each year since 2010/11 compiling all of the images from my phone each year. I made the 2021 video during the Christmas holidays and I realised I hadn’t posted it to my site. So here it is:

I hadn’t actually posted many photos to my Instagram account in 2021 but for various reasons there were actually a lot of photos taken with my phone in 2021 (a large amount due to having to clear out a storage unit and subsequently selling off a load of old Macs and tech equipment I’d collected as well as CDs, DVDs and more).

11 years of iPhone images

Back in 2011 I started compiling short videos with all of the images that had been on my phone over the year. I did 2010 through to 2015 and then after that year I just never got around to compiling the following years. But with a welcome break over the holidays and 2020 over and done I finally made time to compile the missing years videos. In some of the previous years I’d made a custom audio track, but for these ones I just looked for suitable tracks amongst YouTube’s free audio, I think they work quite well though.

I’m tempted to make one massive video with 11 years of video but I think this may be a bit too long! :) Here’s all 11 videos so far:

iPhone view of 2020

iPhone view of 2019

iPhone view of 2018

iPhone view of 2017

iPhone view of 2016

iPhone view of 2015

iPhone view of 2014

iPhone view of 2013

iPhone view of 2012

iPhone view of 2011

iPhone view of 2010