The ‘Iphone looking Mp4 player’

I just got a bit if junk email with a Word document attached showing a Taiwanese rip-off of the iPhone. It’s not a Phone but is an MP4 player, or in the words of the email, it is an "Iphone looking Mp4 player"! Basically the email was looking for me to place a bulk order of a minimum 1000!

I’d read on the web the other day about a Chinese company working on creating a rip off of the iPhone but obviously the photocopiers have been hard at work! Interesting to see what Apple Legal department make of this!

The email:

Email about "Iphone looking Mp4 player"

"Iphone looking Mp4 player" Images

Picture of "Iphone looking Mp4 player"

Various angles of "Iphone looking Mp4 player"

"Iphone looking Mp4 player" Specifications

The email lists the specifications as:

CY?IP4 Iphone looking Mp4 player

  • Real touch screen mp4
  • Iphone looking
  • 2.8-inch real touch screen mp4 player2>Multi music formats as MP3, WMA and WAV, good timber and real audio frequency display
  • MPEG-4(AVI) video format play, full-screen play display
  • two earphones;
  • Built-in hi-fi 8 Ohm speaker
  • Support card-inserting function: MINI SD card, 128M/256M/512M/1GB/2GB/4GB
  • High-definition JPEG picture browse function
  • Digital record, A-B replay function
  • Energy-saving setting, brightness adjustable, customerized power off time
  • Good timber, support 3D EQ surrounding effect, customerized EQ
  • Support multi languages
  • High Speed USB2.0 port
  • Listen to music while reading E-book, with bookmark function
  • Listen to music while playing games
  • FM radio
  • 128MB/256MB/512MB/1GB/2G
  • User?s Manual, earphone, CD drive
  • Dimension: 85X21X16 mm (W*H*D