Website launch, Sky, Devo, offpsring.

Screenshot of Media Arts & Imaging website

Well, not blogged much for a bit, been very busy at work the last couple of weeks getting a couple of websites finished off.

The first of which was for the School of Media Arts & Imaging at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design. We’re pretty happy at work with way it’s turned out really, it’s really two sites in one with the addition of an all-new Research portal focusing on all the interesting work going on in the School.

Interestingly it’s now 10 years since I graduated from this very school (known then and until just recently as the School of Television and Imaging though) with my degree in Time Based Art, time flies!

Sky / Virgin Media update

I haven’t mentioned Sky / Virgin Media for a while, I’ve now switched from Virgin over to Sky. So I now have access to Sky One and therefore ‘Lost’ again! What’s more it’s cheaper than I was paying for my Virgin Media package. The Sky broadband is pretty good although I do have criticisms of the setup a little bit, however it does seem to run pretty fast. Virgin for sure will have faster speeds in future but for now 8Mb is pretty awesome.

My main criticism of the broadband is that it comes as a supposedly non-user editable setup. The free router is basically a Netgear router with a slightly amended firmware which comes packaged specifically for Sky. What you can’t do is login to the web-based Admin system and configure it, it comes with the SSID and password preset as well as the connection details. However, I wanted to get into it so a quick google search came up with the goods. You can use a username of ‘admin’ and password ‘sky’. Hardly tight security! Anyway, I’ve now logged in and changed the security from wpa to wep and changed the password too.

It did make for an easy setup but I still think they should provide this information to allow some customers to get into the box and make changes as it is a pretty basic security setup by default. Also some may want to make use of the content filtering / scheduling to control access to the internet etc.

Cover art for Duty now for the Futre by DevoDevo

I’ve been a big fan of the band Devo for years and they are playing a gig at Glasgow Academy on Sunday June 24th.

I’m hoping to go and check them out, it’s probably one of the few opportunities I’ll get to see them play.

Oh yeah, offspring!

Nope, not the band! I mean my wife Annie is pregnant! Yep, I’m going to be a Dad again! The first scan is due very soon so I’ll post a picture of course for any family members or other interested parties!

That’s all for now!


Congratulations Alyn and AJ!

Alyn announced in his own amusing way about his and AJ’s impending ‘download’ of a baby in his latest blog post, the mark of a true Mac geek to announce a baby in the same paragraph as mentioning the iTunes 7.0.1 update!!!

So as a fellow Mac geek to another here’s a little graphic congratulations for Alyn and AJ:

iBaby '07 - the must-have upgrade...

The one bonus thing with iBaby is that you get the ‘Family Pack’ by default!!! ;)

Congratulations to Alyn and AJ!!!