WordPress Answers StackExchange site out of beta

A quick short and sweet post as I just realised that I never blogged about the fact that WordPress Answers Stack Exchange site is out of beta and has become a fully fledged StackExchange site! It actually came out of Beta back in February so this post is quite overdue!

It’s a really useful site if you are into WordPress theme or plugin development, I posted about the beta a while ago and I’ve found it useful on quite a few occasions when I’ve struggled to figure out how to make something work, especially for the WOS Media Categories Plugin that I was working on a while back as well as quite a few other code issues I’ve had with recent client projects.

Whether it’s for help with your own WordPress issues or if you’ve got skills and a bit of time to share helping others figure out their WordPress issues then I’d definitely recommend getting involved with the site.

WordPress Answers Public Beta

WordPress Answers BetaWordPress Answers is a StackExchange Q&A site which has just gone into public beta. If you develop WordPress themes or plugins and generally get your hands dirty with WordPress stuff you’re going to want to go and check it out.

If you’ve never used any of the StackExchange sites (one of the most well known being Stackoverflow) then I think you’ll find that they provide a really good environment for asking questions if you’re in need of help. I’d encourage you to get involved and try and help answer other people’s questions, there’s more and more being asked and you just might be the person who’s written a piece of code or tried out a plugin that will help somebody solve their problem!