Burn Blu-ray compatible and AVCHD DVDs using RevolverHD for Mac

You’ve got a spanky new HD TV, you’ve been editing your HD footage on your Mac. But how do you get your HD footage on it without buying a blu-ray burner and a blu-ray player?

The answer: Burn Blu-ray compatible DVDs using RevolverHD for Mac OSX and play your HD footage from a regular DVD disc.

RevolverHD for Mac – Make blu-ray DVDs

RevolverHD (another product from the makers of VoltaicHD) which helps you play your edited HD footage from iMovie08 / iMovieHD / Final Cut Express on the Playstation3. It can also create Blu-ray compatible AVCHD DVDs using the unedited AVCHD clips directly from your camera.

You can download the demo version which will give you 3 test exports or burns. There’s an easy to follow user guide which will take you step by step through the process for iMovie08, iMovieHD and Final Cut Express.

Make blue-ray DVDs, even on non-Intel Macs

Like it’s companion product VoltaicHD, RevolverHD will work on both Intel and PowerPC Macs on both OSX 10.4 and 10.5 which is good news if you’ve got an older Mac without an Intel processor. Don’t forget though that the conversion process used by RevolverHD is pretty intensive so using your old G3 iMac isn’t going to be very fast, although it should be possible!

It’s also worth noting that AVCHD DVDs may not work on some blu-ray players, check out the RevolverHD FAQ for more details.

I’ve done some test discs which have successfully played back on a friend’s Playstation 3 so it certainly seems to do the job!

Love films? Then you’ll love LoveFilm…

Ok, forgive the dumb title of this post! It’s probably not hard to miss the fact that I’ve got ads on my blog but I hope that they are generally for things that are of interest to some of the people who visit my site and fairly relevant to the subjects I like to write about.

One of the links I’ve had for a while is to an online DVD rental site called LoveFilm, I’ve been a long time online DVD rental user until fairly recently having used WebFlix and then ScreenSelect which has now, after several mergers / buyouts turned into LoveFilm. I say until recently as I stopped my account a few months ago as I was watching far more films on demand via my Telewest cable TV package instead, I was also a bit frustrated about how long it was taking to receive DVDs sometimes.

Sky movies, mmm, not so good…

Since I switched to Sky however, I’ve not been impressed by the movie options on there, no on demand service and too much per film (about £3.95 for recent films). I got to thinking about reactivating my account with LoveFilm – conveniently your account isn’t deleted on cancellation but it simply stays inactive keeping your list of movies and previous rentals. I finally decided to do it when I came across a handy activation code that will give you a 3 month free trial, even for people like me who are reactivating their accounts.

LoveFilm free trial

So, all this leads up to a link to LoveFilm where you can sign up for this free trial for yourself! I just thought it was too good an opportunity not to give it a little bit of exposure :)

Go check it out and sign up for yourself, don’t forget to use the activation code LFZZ98778 to get yourself the 3 month trial of the Combination 2 which means you can get unlimited movies a month, 2 discs at a time, normally £14.99 a month. Check that you are receiving the 90 day trial as sometimes it may only be a 14 or 28 day trial.

Don’t forget, use this activation code: LFZZ98778 to get the 90 day trial!

Click the image below to click through to LoveFilm.com and put the activation code in the ‘promotion or gift code’ field when signing up, then enjoy unlimited DVD rentals for 3 months!