Take A List Apart’s Survey for People Who Make Websites 2010

It seems like it was just a short while ago that I took this survey, but time flies and A List Apart’s "Survey for People Who Make Websites" is here again waiting for all those involved in designing and running websites to take the survey.

This survey, which has been running since 2007, was started with the intention of finding out:

"…who exactly our famous slogan, “for people who make websites,” was talking about. What were our kind of people’s salary ranges, titles, working conditions, educational backgrounds, gender, ethnicity, and so on? And what effect, if any, did one statistic have on another? For instance, did gender have an influence on salary? Was there a connection between educational background and job satisfaction? Did web professionals who worked at start-ups have the same titles as those who worked at universities and libraries?"

Over 30,000 people have taken the survey each year since then, so go read a bit more about it and then take the Survey.

You can also read the findings of last years survey which have been published online over at the A List Apart website.