“Behalf” – (a machine learning generated William McGonagall poem)


Behalf of the orchard seems followed in Scotland,
As ’twas roared and while appeared and viewed the water,
And made them get away,
Few man can never burned much ill,
And prosperity to the bonnie service look exhausted and clothing,
and a robber wi’ the shady rigging much it and delay,
That each most beautiful day to face the size with pain,
That was a particular Prince and lively and jewels nor courage without dismay.

And each most British gentleman drops a prayer.
And dashing boldly where he round,
Was lost rushing To blood no sooner discovered their hearts,
till four songs against their shot which is very very strong.

Then the Castle began,
o’ the gallant side of the British band,
But adown his Officers complete,
tries to God honours Webb went,
And while there causes his little preacher Newhall the boat as she looked blue to no tears.

But through the blood around Mr Breadalbane joined you had the beach,
Fortunately closed by the “Storm band of the people of Dundee,
In a crack, He sells up among them to the nation He the British were pair,
With a great shock; And when they went out to the country,
And has need not refuse; awe.

And with a few to Balmoral Like the clear flags churchyard,
And to their own hearts feel unavailing;
down with the year of crying to Braidhill, down,
to the storm occupied the crew,
Nor maidens order to the Douglas prophet,
was occupied by men and gay,

Because crossing along their band felt manfully for their mother,
A feeble Highlander, got ready To lose one Women, siege,
which made her knowledge He’s now their view of war,
And the Marquis the shrubberies girl out hard to prepare.
And on the Roe John clinging to her fighting was often very unjust;
And the city of God he now heartily did long care.

It’s Colonel shop occupied the midst of December,
when the procession left high heartily.
Then the lark that were given on the cottage share;
Mr Blackie, I behaved dead side all full of praise,
And on the Silvery Thanes of Devonshire, in the score.

And the tower of September,
he was a College in human Sarah spread innocent wide,
All Heaven! if the British saw it as she does moan.
Because a Lords goes,
helped to bear His earnings Well until the Mary crystal from the bottoms of the Black pace.

The visit of their old hut for the last,
And came to keep them with all hand,
To see the vessel numbered her men, sound,
Since there’s such a place on Crutches was the greatest attraction.

But the highest ordered were had to refuse.
straightway, And his body gave so glee.
But to awoke for your wife,
as the Blue Ribbon are fourteen,
instead of white above France, Jade.

And to search that they could us accommodation,
And treat all their Jemmie’s dismay By the kind summer bay,
Likewise the front there is Scotland with a beautiful sight!
And the arms of two thousand hearts were driven as it as King Ulva sacrificing a magnificent Inches there.

Which is very captain’s her armies contented to the different Although the poor sailors,
And on the fragrant palace were damp,
For the noble boys will be you feel good and grand,
And the people tried to complain.

Then there’s the high where’er they go away,
It was trained her in view,
And as the loss of Mafeking as they never did cry;

Because he swung that he sat God from her children and dismay!”
Then they were struggled to the ground,
Clothing the large banks o’ the wounded in the air,
Thou Wilson, right green,
Leaving their heart with amaze,
While Montrose replied, Which will unfortunately make you cope,
But every a fireside will put no dreadful statue of Dundee.

Bill Ness We loved a innocent steamer, office,
in the farm peaceable song,
And the Angel seemed a shameful heart,
And the firing shone to the enemy fly across the departure,
The cheers in the bridge drums and right.

Then the day glaring many beautiful to crush De lost.
The thought rendered the enemy rose upon her thirst when below died for high;
And grooms, port!
Kerr to suit the archers’ battleships fire did call.

Therefore more order for his stand,
Long shines in the spring of the Poet steep,
The people of two thousand man and not pass,
For daybreak,
I don’t meet her a seat By the hut General John hereafter ne’er you did say.

And your clear boats did resort,
And the final travellers stood thick in fast Kerr – WELCOME,
Horse fought about seven of the clothes of Glencoe,
‘The banks of Menteith were greatly wounded manfully and see,
Now be sad to sleep daily ‘And his side most enchanting to see,
And on the 31st of March, the of the storm advanced out,
But the Queen was use sighs and Wat Wilson and help you marry your south-west,
For at time, and the child’s children tar,
But he gazed on the scene came full of his land She was in a Scotland,
All for Mr screen to get the good time;

But he marched to the mill with a plaintive air,
They marched from all her fathoms of Glasgow,
which was allowed to understand 2000 a command,
While two men caused her a long night,
Then Jack replied,
With respect of the window,
and the night; sickly Newport begone.
The British look of them for a right.

But I hope he was decorated with their heart not sight,
Because the immortal wife is beautiful men and large;
And the heavy Lakes of Killarney,
who was led, Only oh Jack,
to the looking-glass we’ll never right,
Because it was dead into the debris, His spectators look like her save!”
And his well-timed side he sat by a flame;
and encouraged by by when she fired a Emperor harness;
And riding him

(Poem generated using Tensorflow trained on 247 William McGonagall poems)