Handheld Heroes

The “Handheld Heroes” are 12 handheld devices that I consider to be icons of their time, some of them I have owned myself but some are devices I think are symbolic of a particular point of technological change in the last 30 – 40 years*.

To celebrate these “Handheld Heroes” I’ve made a series of 12 illustrations that are available now as a range of t-shirts through my “Life-Sized Clothing” store, and also as an iMessage sticker pack for iPhone and iPad. I will also be making them available in some other printed formats such as stickers, art prints etc.

Introducing the Handheld Heroes…

Who are these Handheld Heroes? Some of them are instantly recognisable but there might be one or two you’ve never heard of :) Here’s a rundown of each one including its creator / device name and year of release:

Buy the T-Shirt(s)!

If you’d like to buy a T-shirt of one of the Heroes then go visit the Life-Sized Clothing store at lifesizedclothing.com. You’ll find individual shirts featuring one of each device (so you can buy your own favourite!) and also a combined graphic with all 12 of the Heroes.

iMessage Sticker pack for iPhone and iPad

There is also a FREE iMessage sticker pack for iOS featuring all 12 of the Heroes.

Click here to download the Handheld Heroes sticker pack from the iOS App Store.

iMessage Sticker Support / Feedback

If you require support or have some feedback about the iMessage sticker app then email rickcurran+handheldheroes@gmail.com.

*Well, except for the pencil of course, it is much older than 30-40 years!

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