@Rick: First, I want to thank you for your quick response. Second, I have found a solution that might help others if they still can not get the PagePro 9100 to print on Snow Leopard. After checking the IP address of the printer, I found that the IP address was not in our range of devices on the network. So I changed it in the printers menu. I also changed the port number to 9100. After I made those changes I created a new IP printer but used the HP JetDirect Socket protocol instead and added the IP address I set the printer to followed by :9100 for the port I wanted it to use. Named the printer what I wanted, selected the correct PPD and BINGO its done. I can print everything now.

So with that I say THANKS for heading me in the right direction. My boss is now a happy camper and I don't have to shell out any cash for a new printer.