Mac OS 10.5 Leopard – Part 1: Safari form field warnings

This is the first of a few posts about things I’ve noticed since I started using the new version of Mac OS 10.5. There’s a lot of changes in the OS, as you’d expect given that it is a major new release and 2½ years in the making, I’ve been picking up on some of the visual changes / user interface changes since the previous version.

Safari’s form field warnings

The new version of the Safari web browser in 10.5 boasts quite a lot of changes, one that I noticed was that it gives warnings if you try to close, reload or quit when you have started entering text into any text fields on the page. These are very simple changes but they are very useful.

Quitting Safari warning:

Leopard - Quit Safari - text input warning

Reload page warning:

Leopard Safari - Reload page - text warning

Close browser window warning:

Close Window - text input warning