@Rick Curran:.. Now I'm confused ;^)… perhaps I'm seeing it from a different vantage point,…. would i be fussed if DW got bulkier? probably NOT… it's the end result/output that matters…(I remember the days when Photoshop would fit on a couple of floppy disks)..I also remember photoshop & imageready as part of a workflow… you don't see that any more… I guess the point I'm making is that I'd prefer to see DW to be the authoring tool of choice (for those that already have DW and have invested significant years using the product)than introducing yet another tool that needs to form part of a workflow.

I think the introduction of Widgets in DW is a good approach… kinda like add-ons that can give you the flexibility & functionality… if Edge could be made availble or (woven into dreamWeaver)that would be awesome.
Any way that's my 2cents..
Thanks Rick for the conversation/discussion cheers