I purchased the device an da bomb branded 8gb model and I must admit it?s a slick little piece of technology I took it on a plane and watched movies on it, but it was primarily purchased as a mp3 and radio for my motorcycle it was great until the jack on the mp 4player. I am inclined to blame a drop that one of my kids did. So I have purchased a new royal branded one from another seller on ebay. Oddly enough they look exactly the same however this one came with more free stuff including a case\cover for the device and a car charger. The firmware that?s loaded on the device is great. It even turns on and off faster, however the buttons are too small so im on the hunt for a crack\hack for changing the screen layout. If anyone finds one, do let me know. Over all I suggest this device. For the money it can?t be beat and like I said I blame the malfunction on the alleged drop. So have at it. Um loving it.