@Patrick: Yes, you're right, I do receive an affiliate payment for sales of VoltaicHD through those links. However, the post about VoltaicHD above was published quite some time before I ever added any affiliate links. At the time of publishing this post, VoltaicHD was the only way of getting AVCHD footage onto a Mac in order to edit it, and many people on both Mac and PC were looking for ways to work with AVCHD footage from their brand new cameras. It turned out that this post was appearing very high in Google search results and was sending a lot of traffic over to the makers of VoltaicHD so they got in touch and offered me the opportunity to be an affiliate.

There's definitely no bias intended in regard to recommending VoltaicHD, I have actually had offers from one or two other companies to recommend their software which I have turned down for one simple reason: If I write about any software on my blog it is because I use it myself and think it a great tool for the job.

I hope that helps address any concerns you have about the credibility of this post and my blog, it all started with recommending a genuinely useful product, the affiliate deal came later on!